Rustic Sparkly Tree-Topper


This craft is so easy and I’m sure most of you have done something similar in the past (like in grade 3). Basic premise: wrap balloon with twine soaked in sticky paste, wait till dry, pop balloon, remove balloon – done!

You could also make several of these twine balls and use as decorative pieces for a centrepiece such as dropping in a hurricane vase.


Mod-Podge (glitter version if you have it!)
A medium that is sparkly – I used glitter glue from the dollar store
Twine – medium to thick (don’t use anything too fine as it won’t keep shape)
Plastic cup (or something similar for the ball to sit on like a plastic container)
Plastic Wrap
Needle or something pokey
Newspaper – this will get messy!

Craft Time:

5 min prep
5-10 min craft
24 hrs drying time (depending on how wet it is)

Craft Steps:

  1. First mix your mod-podge with your glitter and add some water.  I made mine soupy in texture – you don’t want it too thin or too thick.
  2. Cut up your twine into pieces long enough to wrap around the balloon once.
  3. Blow up the balloon!
  4. Wrap the balloon in plastic wrap.  This way the balloon won’t stick to the twine when it’s dry and it also has a safe area to “pop” within and won’t effect the integrity of the structure (this is serious business).
  5. Protect your surface area and get to work! Soak that twine and start layering the balloon!  I found that sometimes pieces wouldn’t want to stick but I just put more podge on it and waited a second for it to adhere better.

    The materials (add a plastic cup)

  6. Once you are done wrapping set it on the cup to dry overnight (the podge will drip off into the cup).  You might want to flip the twine ball around once it’s pretty much dry to let the underside air out as well.
  7. Next the fun part – pop the balloon!
  8. Now that it’s deflated just poke at the plastic wrap until it’s completely off the twine.  Pull the plastic wrap and the balloon out of the ball.

    The wrapped result – I placed mine atop a plastic cup for drying – alternatively you could hang it to dry via the balloon ending but just make sure it has something to drip into!

  9. It’s done! Place that beauty on top of your tree – stick some lights in it and pretend that it was way harder to create when your holiday guests ask – say something about the integrity of the structure, that should work

    Tree-topper in place! I stuck some of the tree lights up into it for more of a twinkly effect (which is not visible in this photo). Ta-da!

  10. If you are using these for home decor and not on the tree itself you could consider purchasing battery operated mini string lights to stick inside the balls – that way it sparkles more – and more sparkles the better!

Happy Crafternooning!

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